Mary Hellen Johnson: Mouth Watering

Mary Ellen Johnson has created a series of dessert paintings. The realism of her work is impressive. Upon first glance, the images appear to be photographs; closer inspection, however, reveals that these works are indeed paintings. The artist’s touch is so light and supple that brushstrokes are impossible to find. In fact, there are few hints of the artist’s work at all.

Mary Ellen Johnson captures the essential qualities of her subjects — dessert food — with an undeniable clarity. When one looks at the paintings, one’s mouth begins to water. Whether she depicts a banana split or ice cream sunday, one is left craving the real deal.

Painting is a very difficult endeavor and Mary Ellen Johnson has mastered the craft to an extent few could. Realism can sometimes seem pedantic and sterile, however it would be hard to deny the visceral appeal of Marry Ellen Johnson’s work.

AUTHOR: Josh Triantafilou