Will Cotton: Candiland


Using a refined painterly technique inspired by the Hudson River School and traditional figure painting, Will Cotton paints surrealistic foodscapes and demure female nudes wearing lollipop crowns, lounging in cotton candy, or adorned with cupcake foils. Cotton paints from life, constructing elaborate models using real baked goods and other confectionery, from which he derives the fantastical environments depicted in his large-scale canvases. Cotton’s work has

Margaux Hug: Joyful Joyful


Photographer and artistic director, Margaux Hug has developed a surreal visual world with bright colors pop. Combining graphics and photography, she is now working in teams on advertising projects for major luxury brands. “….I’m not really travel photos, I have never loved nature photography. My work revolves around the studio photographs, precautionary pop and surreal scenes. I think the picture a week or two in



From 2014 Sabine Delafon buys homeless paper signs where they say to be hungry. She talks with them and photographs the purchase of their advertisements. The paper cards are then photographed and the photos are printed in black and white in a 100×700 cm format. On every poster at the bottom a small notice says: “Fill the blank in you and be part of

Joseph Marr: Desire is a trap


Joseph Marr (born 1979) is an Australian Artist of English/Maori heritage who lives and works in Berlin, Germany.Working in a number of media including painting, sculpture, video and photography, my art is conceptually oriented, and generally concerned with issues of consciousness. Working with sugar is wonderful and difficult. Its so colourful and textural, having similarities to paint. But then there is the

Olga Schigal: Still Lifes


“My art is a continuous experimentation and discovery. I try to melt together emotions with spontaneous ideas to preserve as much as possible the authenticity of my sculptures. I like to give form to an idea and idea to a form by using various materials and media such as video, photography, text, voice. I have lived in many countries with different mentalities and languages and

Pathology Museum: Sacred Tarts


Children beware, the Easter bunny has a dark side and I’ve found it at St Bart’s hospital. St Bart’s is a working hospital , so I was a little confused to find myself roaming its corridors, as well as my iPhone maps, looking for the location of an event normally associated with fluffy chicks and bunnies. Lo and behold, I turn an isle and bump

Hikaru Cho: Disguised Food


Born in 1993/3/29 Currently living in Tokyo Japan. taking “UNUSUAL” as a theme of her creation and creating Art work such as Body painting, stopmotion movie, illustration, clay sculpture, clothing design, Character design, and all sorts. Also do collaboration with several cloth brands. She is now a student in Musashino Art university. Japanese artist Hikaru Cho likes to play with perception in this series, entitled

Dennis Wojtkiewiczs: Fruitism

front image

Dennis Wojtkiewicz [voit-KEV-itch] is a full professor at Bowling Green State University where he has taught painting and drawing in the School of Art since 1988. He received his M.F.A. degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and also studied at the Atelier Neo-Medici in France under the direction of Patrick Betaudier in 1978 and 1983. He is best known for his exploration of the

Aaron Shay: Tiny Delicatessen


Aaron Shay is a Israeli miniaturist, an artist who creates mini objects once exclusively associated with doll houses. Aaron works primarily with polymer clay, a polymer clay that in recent years has taken a special importance and is used to create small jewelry DIY. Combines jewelry and food, creating micro art works that are sometimes indistinguishable from reality. Some are miniature decorative or collectibles,

Sakir Gokcebag: On the Row