Matteo Sanna: 18720, Out of Here

There is one thing that we do every day, every hour, every minute and every second almost without even realizing: breathing!On average are made to 13 breaths in a minute, and then multiplied by one hour is 780 breaths in a day are about 18720. Life begins with the first breath and ends with the last, in the middle is our life. The breath is closely linked to all levels of our being.The breath is certainly the most important symbolic act and concrete and necessary, totally connected with the concept of independent living.This new cycle of Sanna’s paintings, leaves from mature awareness of how important the breath has in our lives. Not only technical (the pictorial action is completed through the drafting of color on the canvas by means of breaths that create fluctuating images and in constant motion) In the breath we find everything we need for development; not only the opportunity to experience the opposite, but also how to unify them, how to enter to access were deeper and deeper.Between one extreme of non figuration and its opposite of figuration, the painting of Matteo Sanna standing there in the middle, with a freedom, a freshness and a truly amazing vitality. Where “vitality” are not to be understood only of the sign and the color mobility, energy flows and the dynamics of the forms that are still among the strong points and qualifying, immediately perceptible, the figure of his way of thinking and doing painting.What, in fact, more vital and essential perception of living and move? Or the time and space, that is the figure or landscape? Not described, not told. But sublimated, filtered and rendered the essence of light, rhythm, flow.The breath is the rhythmic movement that animates with spontaneous adjustments of amplitude, frequency and intensity of the flow of life.This is the attitude of Sanna when posed in front of a canvas: away from the art of figuration, but also away from the abstractness of all mental not figurative language, to be placed instead in that place (which is a non-eye location but the mind, emotion, memories) where settle memories, splinters, moods and remembrances of space and lived time.The canvas becomes the place of the exchange, the transference: instead of painting visible bodies or landscape appearances of the figure, the Artist gives to his painting qualities and values of what has corporeality and soul, in the sense that it is a body of spots, lumps, signs, that gather or disperse, move, pulsate, meet and collide, they go, they come, but also tend to go beyond the limits of the canvas, almost overflow, flow: bringing upon themselves the peculiarities and traits, flows and their aspirations to every man.Matteo Sanna was born in San Gavino Mle, Italy,in 1984.
Since 2006 his work has been presented in several group and solo exhibitions. Lives and works in Milano. His artworks are in several important private and public collections as Ernesto Esposito Collection, 
Nomas foundation, 
Icun Collection, 
Bartoli Felter Foundation, 
Tethis Collection, 
Parco dell’appia antic, 
Il Resto Del Carlino Collection, 
Palazzo Monte Martini Collection.