Michele Ardito: Biophilia

“As a child I watched, mesmerized and attentive, the life that teemed in the bushes grew wild in the cracks of the concrete, an entire microcosm of life that vibrated between tiny and cramped spaces, places that with imagination became huge, thousands of times larger than my body, wrapping like a jungle impenetrable. When my imagination carried me in that dimension, I could feel the heart beat of the lizards, I heard the roar of beetles exploded under the pressure of huge beak of a bird, the pain, I felt the panting resigned that preceded the death of that creature, I was wrapped up in a green world of my own, a world of which I was the star. However, I found that that Universe actually vibrated around me, inside me, but as the creator, but as a small and inseparable part of it. I understood that every cell of my person, contains informations, feelings and images of all the existing. A cosmic “Biophilia” translated into design.”