Makoto Azuma: Arte Viva

The Japanese artist Makoto Azuma is known to have created a new artistic genre in which plants and plant uses to compose his work getting results undoubtedly original. As a real contrast to the so-called “dead art,” he has decided to give a new name to these floral representations: “living art.” After creating several projects that have set out in detail on its website, the artist has devised another creative madness that wanted to call “Exobiotanica”. This is the launch of flowers and  bonsai in the atmosphere at height of 30,000 meters above sea level with a lot of built-in camera to capture these strange satellites revolving around the earth. “I’m creating a completely new way of expression,” he said in a CNN interview. The real challenge was related to temperature. -60 Degrees centigrade bring the composition to freeze, and sometimes even to break. However, in this way you can preserve the colors, although the Japanese claims to want to find flowers that stand out more in contrast with the space. All this work of art details can be found on the site Art with flowers. Azuma says to venture into these initiatives because it is looking for new values ​​and pontenziali attributable to the flowers. His passion for the petals originates in the years when a child saw her mother cut flowers in the large garden at home to make the decorations. In this way he has been able to grow with this beautiful colorful frame that accompanied him throughout his life. “I believe that the flowers are the best creation of nature,” says the artist. “The fascinating thing is that show a life that withers, but then again reborn in a different form. Japanese Creative says it wants to change the shape of the flowers in a way that no one has ever imagined. Take them in extreme environments definitely not in keeping with their traditional habitat. He collaborated with fashion designer Dries Van Noten to set the scenography on the catwalk for the Spring Summer 2017 women’s collection.