Anci Sandell: With Music We Care!


After 35 years as a music therapist, Anci Sandell can now present research findings showing that the therapy methods she uses, increases quality of life for people who are being treated for severe medical or psychosocial conditions. On February 22, she will defend her doctoral thesis “Musik för kropp och själ – Modell för interaktiv musikterapi” (“Music for Body and Soul – Model for Interactive

Sound Levitation


I am so into watching levitation technology evolve since I first learned about it several years ago. The idea and premise is rather simple, and the evolution of this technology feels like its a no-brainer at where it will lead… Airships, Cloud Cities, and Hoverboards!! Heck yes! And while we are probably a ways away still from levitating an entire city perpetually in a

Remember my song

mind music

Music may help some people relax when they’re trying to concentrate. But it doesn’t help them remember what they’re focusing on, especially as they get older. That’s the finding in a new Georgia Institute of Technology study that challenged younger and older adults to listen to music while trying to remember names. College-aged participants had no problems — the music didn’t affect their performance. But

The Piano


If your parents forced you to practice your scales by saying it would “build character,” they were onto something. The Washington Post reports that one of the largest scientific studies into music’s effect on the brain has found something striking: Musical training doesn’t just affect your musical ability — it provides tremendous benefits to children’s emotional and behavioral maturation. The study by

Sound At First Sight!


In theory, we know what sound waves would look like if we could see them, but it’s not every day we actually get to lay eyes on the effects they produce on the world. There are actually a number of scientific experiments that can be used to produce a practical visual effect in response to sound. Six of these have been used by Wellington,

The Sound of Future


When the mothership descends on Wyoming, in the climactic scene of Stephen Spielberg’s 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the usual trappings of invasion are conspicuously absent. There are no laser guns, no pronouncements of interstellar warfare. The aliens don’t unravel some cosmic decree, claiming the Earth. Instead, they make first contact with a melody—one that, with the help of an

Remember my Song


For the first time the hippocampus — a brain structure crucial for creating long-lasting memories — has been observed to be active in response to recurring musical phrases while listening to music. Thus, the hippocampal involvement in long-term memory may be less specific than previously thought, indicating that short and long-term memory processes may depend on each other after all. The study was

5 Science-Backed Reasons Why Music is Good for You


Music is a powerful medium: Not only does it make us want to jump to our feet and “shake it off, shake it off” (thanks Taylor Swift), but soul-stirring tunes also can help us fight through myriad health challenges as well. Here are five great reasons to pump up the jams, and listen with intent: It can help ease pain Feeling achy? A

Without Music, Life Would Be a Mistake


The Surprising Science Behind What Music Does To Our Brains

You’re probably listening to music in your headphones at work right now. Whether you are powering through your to-do list or brainstorming creative ideas, here is how the tunes you are playing affect how your brain works.

I’m a big fan of music, and use it a lot when working, but I had no idea

Dr. Moog: Out of Time


Science and art, physics and music, come together and come alive in one place. You know where. We’re here today not just because people like synths, or electronic music, or even music itself, but because the advancement of technology depends on kids learning about science and math. That was certainly the history of Bob Moog himself. What he got as a student opened up the