Peter Pesic: The Power of Music


Music was key to Western teaching, from Plato up to the 18th century. In Music and the Making of Modern Science, Peter Pesic claims it shaped today’s science IGOR STRAVINSKY commented that music is certainly related “to something like mathematical thinking and relationship”. For scientists, too, music has been a fruitful subject of study as well as a rich source of metaphor. When theoretical

Sung-Em Kim: Soundchair


Picture settling in to watch a TEDTalk years from now and being the speaker—not “speaker” as in the one wearing the little mic, and running the tasteful Powerpoint. But rather, you are the medium through which you hear the mic-wearer. The source of the sound, in this scenario, is your body in your chair. It’s a prime example of hearable technology, and is perhaps best

The Atom: The Atomic Song


If an atom gets excited in a laboratory, does it make a sound? Turns out that it absolutely does, albeit it’s the softest sound that scientists say is physically possible.

Researchers at Columbia University and Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology say that they have, for the first time, “captured” the sound a single atom makes when it moves around—a single “phonon,” as it

Bompass & Parr: Simphony in Blue


SYMPHONY IN BLUE: THE FLAVOUR CONDUCTOR – LONDON, SEPTEMBER 2014 The latest neuro-scientific knowledge combines with the craft of church organ-building in a pioneering multi-sensory installation that reinvents whisky appreciation Sam Bompas and Harry Parr curated a team of artists, designers, organ specialists, composers and experts in theatrical production, to produce a one-of-a-kind musical instrument: a magnificent church organ built according to centuries of tradition

Mileece: The delightful song of Flora


What if plants could solo? It would stand to reason that if plants were given a musical mouth, they could create inimitable soundscapes. In this episode of Sound Builders, presented by Harman, singer Sam Urbani heads to Los Angeles to meet with Mileece. She’s a sonic artist and environmental designer who’s developed the technology to give silent seedlings a portal to their own sonic expression.

AUDIO DUST: Thoughts between man and technology.


Machines and sound equipments for music performance of different kinds, “living” from their “power on”,static, recognizable in their operation, missing that sort of unpredictable that determines a “living being”; calculators to ask or submit protocols, getting in return a behavior, an effect, a sound. A technological device can be considered a creative partner through a feeling of union, as part of the artistic and social