AUDIO DUST: Thoughts between man and technology.

Machines and sound equipments for music performance of different kinds, “living” from their “power on”,static, recognizable in their operation, missing that sort of unpredictable that determines a “living being”; calculators to ask or submit protocols, getting in return a behavior, an effect, a sound.
A technological device can be considered a creative partner through a feeling of union, as  part of the artistic and social life, without necessarily having a mastery in the creative field, in a ratio equivalent body / soul:  a medium, extension, interface or surface on which two different entities meet.
The ability to distinguish the two sides, technological and biological safeguarding our own imperfect humanity and nature is the key to a balanced relationship. During a performance, the atmosphere in the continuous exchange of informations over the senses, including vibrations to be amplified, frequency to raise, cut, a resonance in contact with the environment, the human element of unpredictability is the difference also for a future scenario of a robotic generalized. Humanity is perceived, recorded in areas much more labile than those who only we perceive through our senses.
The machine reaches the maximum point of expressiveness when it enhances the individuality of those who control it, allowing progress in the mental and psychophysical higher.
The ability of the ‘artist is to filter its biology and energy transmission through the machines, synthesis, in which the psyche, body and movement, make the difference between a creative and a mere executor. The machine thus becomes a means to an expression of sound, the metaphysics of the human being. The error and its unpredictability take us back to an imperfect and “humanized” nature by creating the substantial difference of quality in the execution of a performance.

AUTHOR: Alessandro Panicciari