Yun Woo Choi: Fragments of the Universe

What is real? Where am I living? What do I perceive is the real? Artist Yun Woo Choi asks questions. He is wondering if invisible things – like his emotions, supernatural phenomena, dreams, God – are real and if they have some space of their own. Thoughts like these are the starting point for his work. In recent theoretical physics, there are fourteen dimensions which have theoretically proven. If so, there could be numerous other dimensions which overlap or hide in space. With this idea of overlapping dimensions, Choi has begun to think that invisible and intangible things could physically exist in those hidden spaces. Based on his complex considerations Choi creates amazingly detailed, motion-filled sculptures out of old newspapers and magazines. Books by the philosopher Ken Wilber, along with Taoist and Buddhist texts, The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene inspired his work. ” I am living with many emotions and feelings. Some of them are instinctual, some of them are profound. In mundane life some of my feelings seems to have no reasonable cause and there are no divisions between spiritual and secular ideas, slight and deep feelings. Just because of my endless dualistic conceptualizing, my mind which was originally seamless oneness is divided into numerous fragments”.