Hsiao-Ron Cheng: Kindred To Bloom

Hsiao-Ron Cheng is a 1986-born Taiwanese digital artist/illustrator. She started to work as a freelance illustrator in 2012 and soon get international attention. In the same year, her work has been shortlisted for Young Illustrator Award. Hsiao-Ron’s clients range from fashion brand to design agencies worldwide. Other experiences include a digital painting of 8ft mural for coffee shop interior design. ” Photoshop is my kung-fu. I’m also unprofessionally obsessed with gene, evolution, space and time theory”. Words to describe Hsiao-Ron Cheng’s paintings: dainty, pretty, kinda weird, friggin’ cool. The Taipei-based artist uses a muted palette to create imagery that you’d probably find in your dreams on a night when you’ve eaten too much cheese, but whether it’s children sporting cupcake heads or giant flower-faced felines, we think her work is pretty ace. Here’s what Hsiao-Ron has to say about her art. “When I first saw a Wacom tablet on my boyfriend’s table, I played with it a bit due to curiosity and immediately fell in love with digital tools. It’s something I knew right away. Some artists are better with pencils, some are better with brushes, and I’m good at digital tools. You just know it. I believe everyone is unique and special, but you need constant practice to discover your own voice. I just happen to be the lucky (selfish) one, who disregards the opinions of beauty and style by most people around me, and never really cares about what kind of person they think I should be. I always start a piece digitally from beginning to end. I usually get inspired by numerous images and articles, and when I find something interesting I’ll start to bring the ideas into my work by doodling. Most of my personal works are half experimental. I’m always trying to explore more possibilities in my illustration skills, style or ideas so I’m able to contribute the specialness back to my clients. My style has changed based on my personal taste at different phases. Increasingly, I know what colours, ideas or details I want to add to my work, and they all gather into one style naturally for a period of time. I’ve always tried to satisfied my expectations as well, that is to be more flexible and unique”.

CREDITS: www.frankie.com