Olga Schigal: Still Lifes

“My art is a continuous experimentation and discovery. I try to melt together emotions with spontaneous ideas to preserve as much as possible the authenticity of my sculptures. I like to give form to an idea and idea to a form by using various materials and media such as video, photography, text, voice. I have lived in many countries with different mentalities and languages and this allows me to keep a fresh look on things around me. In fact, each time I move to a new country I undergo a deep transformation: a change of habits, language, culture, food, believes, views of life, landscapes. In a word, I change my identity. In this process, I am forced to reflect on the cultural elements that are common to everyone, which I try to represent elaborating and combining traditional symbols, iconic places and common objects from our everyday life. I take inspiration from nature and from my memories, from situations that I experienced in the past and from imagination, from the distant places of my youth and from the foreign landscape that I have visited and where I am actually living in. My artistic research and my way of life are tightly sealed together, which means that for me art is above all an adventure in unexpected worlds”. She lives in Nyagan, Siberia until she is 17, then she moves to Germany. In 2002 she is admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster, where she specializes in plastic arts with Prof. Katharina Fritsch. From 2009 she lives and works in Milan.