From 2014 Sabine Delafon buys homeless paper signs where they say to be hungry. She talks with them and photographs the purchase of their advertisements. The paper cards are then photographed and the photos are printed in black and white in a 100×700 cm format. On every poster at the bottom a small notice says: “Fill the blank in you and be part of this art project The printings can be bought: one third of the price is needed to cover production costs, one third the work of the artist and the remaining third is donated to Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus. Every advertisement becomes a poster (edition limited to ten pieces at 120€ each), a t-shirt (edition limited to ten pieces at 80€ each) and a porcelain plate (edition limited to ten pieces at 80€ each). “I am hungry” is in reality a message, a human condition shared by all: regardless of whether it is hunger for food, hunger for love, hunger for beauty, culture or travels, we all are hungry for something. The French artist, born in Grenoble in 1975 lives in Milan and was resident in Turin for some years. Her research has always questioned, through performances, installations, video and photography, a subtle identity unafraid of asking “Who am I? Where am I?”. Delafon isn’t daunted by probing into a fragile awkwardness and vision of the world similar to her person; elegant and discreet with a sense of unease and, here and there, a touch of irony. All of these elements are once again embodied in this last urban act; in written words and in the image of that little four-leaf clover, the only visible element wishing her and all of us: happiness.The Sabine Delafon Corporation is something else altogether. An exceptional young French artist based in Milan. Sabine lets us in to visualize her life. Sabine’s works focus on the conception of time and body, identity and society. Sabine is an obsessive question of meaning. Her art is a way to understand her own being, an attempt to create links through people in front of their destiny. Her works are most of all work in progress: this could be seen as a way to live her life like a piece of art, more precisely a way to become immortal being art. Every work is also a discover in Sabine’s life. Just like the meticulous collection of her ID-pictures that creates a big wall made by a lot of different Sabine(s) Delafon(es). Or the different t-shirts printed with her name and shared with people. Despite her introspective work, Sabine’s work does at times involve the lives of others. Other more recent works have included asking people what at first appears to be a simple questionnaire. After the introductory banal questions, Sabine launches into the personal, the sometimes uncomfortable questions such as like “have you realized your dreams?” Well, she has to know us better, seen that we could be part of Sabine Delafon Corporation, a project that reunites every person in contact with Sabine in this huge group. Sabine’s  work “Searching For Myself” attempts to encourage others to be part of the Sabine Delafon Corporation and at the same help serach for Sabine’s body- double or “herself” . With the help of the internet and fly-posting cities such as Paris and New York, the search continues…