Matt Brown: Food, New Frontiers

Matt Brown is an Interaction Designer/Industrial Designer from Michigan currently living in Genova, Italy. Graduated from the IXD Masters course at the Umea Institute of Design in June 2009. Really into food, design, anything off-beat, early synth music, and other humans. The projects should be viewed as design fiction, we don’t mean for the object to be the product but for the experience or idea to be the product.

Food and the Future of it: Egg Printer

This device grows and cooks eggs. The eggs themselves can be made with all sorts of things inside, bacon, kalles, cheese, mustard…The eggs are grown by duplicating cells and proteins while adding flavors, that eventually give you a perfect little breakfast. One nice thing about it is, you could have your egg cooked fully on the bottom, but runny on the top. There are also pictures below of the egg slices that I made. In the bottom picture you can see the ‘gridder’, which I especially like. The one with the star shape is the ‘9-legged susan’, and would have a good yolk to white ratio. Of course people could get whatever pattern they want inside of the eggs, writing messages to eachother or making DEVO eggs.

Genetically Modified Apples

Genetically Modified food scared me, but for a minute I wanted to assume that it was totally safe, and what sort of things would people be making if it were easier to do. I thought that a fruit salad, all contained in an apple would be a good start. For the model I gouged out parts of the apple and put in slices of strawberry, cherry, and grape. I had to spray a little lemon on top to keep it from browning immediately. A very tasty model.