Scott Hove: Guns and Ecstasy

San Francisco artist Scott Hove has been making unusual cake based sculptures as part of his Cakeland series since back in 2005.
Now, for his show Guns and Ecstasy, Hove has turned his talents toward firearms and in particular assault rifles. It’s an appropriate topic as the debate on gun legality continues to rage in the US after a shocking amount of recent school shootings. His sculptures are re-purposed assault rifles that have been frosted with a variety of thickened acrylic gels, using traditional cake decorator tools and pastry bags.
“For this series of sculptures, I have chosen to give the hyper-masculinized aesthetic of the assault weapon a forced-feminization in the form of pretty cake decoration, and in the process deconstructed the paranoia aesthetic. I have also constructed a cake-disco-ecstasy-infinity chamber, the purpose of which is to offer a space to surrender one’s paranoia fantasy to an experience of the ecstatic, thereby bringing the viewer back to a pre-paranoia state of being. It should also be noted that with these and all of my previous works, the distinction between safety and paranoia is never totally clear… good luck in making the right choice!”