Harmony Korine: Spring Breakers


Nasce una nuova rassegna di Risekult Movie, su tematiche generali dell’uomo e dei suoi principi esistenziali, un nuovo progetto che mira a raccontare il quotidiano, in maniera puramente personale, allo scopo di analizzare con una serie di 5 film, per ogni argomento, la vita e il suo stravolgimento. Un tema importante e generico, l’esistenza, rappresentata nella sua vacuità apparente. Una destrutturazione degli status symbol e

Quentin Tarantino: The Hateful Eight


The Hateful Eight è l’ottavo film di Quentin Tarantino, probabilmente il terzultimo della sua filmografia, recentemente infatti il regista ha dichiarato che dopo The Hateful Eight ne girerà soltanto altri due per poi ritirarsi. Il film è stato concepito come “pellicola” per l’antico formato 70 mm Ultra Panavision, quello del cinema che ama e che più lo rappresenta. Ogni riferimento a Leone è chiaro, quel

László Nemes: Son of Saul

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Georges Didi-Uberman nel suo libro Immagini nonostante tutto scrive “Sapere è immaginare…” occorre confrontarci su ciò che è difficile da immaginare “…E’ come una risposta da offrire, un debito da saldare nei confronti delle parole e delle immagini che certi deportati hanno strappato alla loro spaventosa esperienza reale. Dunque non parliamo di inimmaginabile. Le nostre difficoltà non sono nulla al confronto di quelle dei prigionieri

Hou Hsiao-Hsien: THE ASSASSIN


China in the ninth century, a ten-year-old Nie Yinniang, is subtracted to parents and grew to become a murderer and fight corruption and cruelty rampant among the provinces of the Empire. Thirteen years later, following the failure of a mission, the punishment imposed by his teacher of combat is even harder than the rigid discipline which she faced: Nie Yinniang will return to her native

Artavazd Pelešjan: Kyanq

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Artavazd Pelešjan was born on February 22, 1938 in Leninakan (now Gyumri), city of the northeast near the border with Turkey. In 1963 he enrolled in the oldest and most prestigious film school in the world, the VGIK in Moscow. For four years he attended a course in directing, following in-depth studies on the masters of Soviet cinema, Eisenstein, Vertov, Romm, Yutkevich, Parajanov, but also

Yun Woo Choi: Fragments of the Universe


What is real? Where am I living? What do I perceive is the real? Artist Yun Woo Choi asks questions. He is wondering if invisible things – like his emotions, supernatural phenomena, dreams, God – are real and if they have some space of their own. Thoughts like these are the starting point for his work. In recent theoretical physics, there are fourteen dimensions which

Akiko Ikeuchi: Silk Vortices


Born in Tokyo in 1967, Akiko received a doctorate in painting from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. For over two decades she has been hanging her delicately crafted string sculptures in galleries around Japan, Korea, and New York. The installations are constructed from extremely delicate silk threads, and despite the chaotic appearance of the knotted webs Akiko plans each work as

Liam Gillick: Dynamic Contradiction


I grew up in the 60s and 70s in the suburbs of London, and therefore also with the idea of a good life after the war. This was also happening in other countries, the widespread idea that you would have a car and other things. My other friends from Western Europe did not think so differently. But someone like me, who grew up in the

Edgar Martins: Solar Visions


This project has its roots in the early part of 2012, when I approached the European Space Agency with a very ambitious proposal: to produce the most comprehensive survey ever assembled about a leading scientific and space exploration organization. Though notoriously secretive, I contacted ESA at an interesting time in their history when they were looking to open up to the public. Unlike NASA or

Jason Middlebrook: Naturology


Jason Middlebrook gathers his creative inspiration from both nature and technology, transferring their complex relationship into works of sculpture, installation, painting, and large-scale drawing. Despite these various mediums, Middlebrook’s work consistently references art-historical traditions, styles, and movements. For instance, his sculptures crafted from hardwood planks, which he began in 2008 after relocating from New York City to Hudson, New York, feature painted abstractions. They are