Faig Ahmed: Switching The Carpet


“Any action without a goal is art.”(Faig Ahmed). At first glance, you will assume that these rugs are photoshopped. But these astonishing handmade rugs are actually woven by the emerging artist, Faig Ahmed. In his creations, Faig explores composition of a traditional Azerbaijanian carpet by disjointing its structure and placing its canonic elements into open space. “Carpet is more a time structure than a graphical

Dustin Yellin: Eden Disorder


Dustin Yellin is living in Brooklyn, New York. He is best known for his sculptural paintings that use multiple layers of glass, each covered in detailed imagery, to create a single intricate, three-dimensional collage. His work is notable both for its massive scale and its fantastic, dystopian themes. Yellin is the founder of Pioneer Works, a non-profit institute for art and innovation in Red Hood,

Maria Rubinke: Fragile psyche


Maria Rubinke studied at the School of Glass and Ceramics on Bornholm in 2008. Later she has exhibited at Haugar Vestfold Museum of Art in Norway and the Civic Museum Bassano del Grappa in Italy, and most recently she has presented a comprehensive solo exhibition, Fragile, at the Vejle Art Museum in 2012. Like the surrealists, Maria Rubinke thematizes the complexity of the human psyche

Eleonora Roaro: Tulipomania and Other Stories


The visual artist Eleonora Roaro often gets inspired by the history of art and creates metaphors about existence, as she previously did with her work “Loop” about the archeology of cinema. In this installation project she revisits devices such as zoetropes, praxinoscopes and magic lanterns, which were fundamental for the development of cinematographic language and techniques. These instruments were based on loops, sequences of images

Julie Cockburn: Flowers as people

141230 Julie Cockburn 8 (600x800)

“In a waiting room, one is, by definition, waiting, away from the hustle of everyday life. We are temporarily on hold, together but separate.” Drawing parallels between the mutually quiet and contemplative spaces of the gallery and the waiting room, Julie Cockburn has turned her attention to the unspoken human interactions that occur in such places. Likening contact between strangers to an ‘un- choreographed dance,’

Photographer Hal: Vacuum Love


Tokyo-based artist photographer hal has created the ‘flesh love’ series. his body of work explores the concept of worldly love through couples. in ‘flesh love’, hal pulls the lovers so near to one another that they transform into a single being– a vacuum-sealed pack of love. the artist wraps blankets the models with a plastic sheet in which he removes the air from to bond

Carlie Trosclair: The Interval of Neglect

carlie trosclair 14

Carlie Trosclair is an installation artist based in St. Louis, Missouri. Trosclair earned an MFA from the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis, a BFA from Loyola University New Orleans, and is a Fellow of the Community Arts Training Institute (MO). Approached through a lens of reordering and rediscovery, Trosclair’s site sensitive installations create new topographies and

Michael Rotondi: Ready-Made Memories


‘Come doused in mud, soaked in bleach, as I want you to be, as a friend, as a trend, as an old memoria, memoria, memoria. ’Kurt Cobain Art often deals with the interaction of memory with everyday life. It is not by chance that this is also the subject of a song considered a manifesto of the 90’s. ’Come As You Are’ by Nirvana talks

Daniele Girardi: Norvegian Chronicles


Nation: Norway Country: Finnskogen forest Date: November 17 2014 Coordinates GPS: N 60° 5’37.53” E 12°20’50.64” Track: Smorhølmen Lake (second step) Temperature: min -­‐3° max +8° Equipment list: compass, work gloves, map, insulation mat, multitool, thermal blanket, stove, fire stell, tarp, cords, water pot, scotch tape, sketch book, pencil and camera. The forest is a natural cathedral, an arboreal shrine, an elite place

Stefano Russo: Investigating Matter


A photographic and video project, created during two years of research and experiments, registering more than 100 different scenes and the shooting of many different subjects, during several journeys around the world. The aim is to investigate what’s beyond the surface and find the point, the gap, the door, in order to access the hidden and invisible levels. “Investigating Matter” is an analysis of the