Stéphanie Baechler: Every Day Actions

Starting point for my project are formations, shapes and material combinations that result from the rather accidental than conscious every day actions of human life. I was inspired by curtains, fabric pleats, plastic bags, fabrics that happened to be spread on the floor, wrapped objects and creased blankets. The sheer fascination that fabric drapery can evoke! I was equally absorbed by mass production of clothes, their usage (consumption) and wastage. Realising this project I am interested in various approaches: Paper or fabric installations in 3D, the processing into a two dimensional pieces of fabric and the creation of a textile object that turns into a symbiosis of 3D and 2D. First I produced installations using plain coloured fabrics. The guidelines for my formations were the above mentioned pleats and colour moods (ranges). I printed these onto fabric. This lead to a new perception (point of view) of the different composed pieces of fabric. Working on these installations an idea struck me. To new shapes, away from rolls of fabric! The fashion designer receives fabric objects and not just rolled up fabric! No yard goods! The designer’s challenge is to use these new conditions to create something new. A pair of scissors and a model demonstrate a possible realisation of that very ideaphoto: siebrecht & baechler.