Marit Fujiwara: Delicate Intricate Boundaries

Marit Fujiwara graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2009 and then set up her company Tanana Takite. Specialising in mixed media and constructive textiles, she creates some really unique pieces that push the boundaries between Art, Craft and Design. She adopts an experimental attitude towards materials, combining traditional printing techniques with embroidery and fabric manipulation. As a keen illustrator, she bases her work on drawing allowing fluidity to her garments projecting the idea of movement and time. Marit Fujiwara’s art is exquisite. It is delicate, intricate, handmade, visually appealing, and it is wearable. This incredibly original designer comes from a mixed heritage of Brazilian, Norwegian and Japanese cultures; she moved to London age 19, where she lived and worked for the last ten years before recently returning to Brazil.  In the UK, she took several courses in art and design before graduating from the University of the Arts London in textile design. Her passion in  exploring different areas in textiles lead her to specialize in constructive textiles. Drawing upon her illustrations, she creates intriguing pieces pushing the boundaries between art, craft and design. Her experimental attitude towards the use of materials lead her to develop new techniques as well as modernizing traditional ones. Her detail work is impeccable and time consuming, demanding talent, originality and aesthetic; certainly it is not so easy to master even the concept of one of these amazing pieces. “I am showing each dress with two images, one in full long shot, the other a detail so you can see the extraordinary amount of work and detail that goes into Marit’s work. Finding beauty in the mundane, the collection Wound is an observation on abandoned objects found around the city. Deformed by elements, books and magazines no longer carry its function becoming accidental sculptures, merging colour and forms. Then transforming them into wearable sculptures, beautiful and soulful, these pieces are for women who understand the sacredness in imperfection, and who celebrate it. My kind of girl, for sure, A Marit Fugiwara piece is number one on my fashion bucket list, Marit, please let us know when your work is available to us…..”. Marit currently lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.