Winde Rienstra: A Forgotten Path

Fashion designer Winde Rienstra (Echten, 1981) studied at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU). Rienstra’s designs have created a furore within a relatively short time. Her work is situated at the boundaries of fashion, art and architecture. Central to her work is her feel for materials. She has a particular fondness for wood and the patterns that you can read in the grain: for here these are a reflection of both the grotesqueness and the beauty of life. Rienstra’s fascination with spatial structures around the human body has led to a recurring play with three-dimensionality. Each of the resulting spatial designs is a new opportunity to allow the materials to shine like jewelry around the human body. Her feeling for handwork, craft and detail is the motor that drives her fashion designs. Rienstra uses modern technologies such as laser cutting in her work and she is not afraid to experiment with materials that are not conventionally used in fashion design.
“A Forgotten Path” утро вечера мудренее “The morning is wiser than the evening” old russian expression Winde Rienstra’s latest collection finds her inspiration in the beauty of abandoned Russian dachas. Wooden country homes where Russians from the city spent their long glowing summers and were happy. Poetic…