Fausto Caletti: Beautiful Monster

Chanel argued that art and fashion are two opposing concepts as:  arts are ugly things that become beautiful, fashion beautiful things that become ugly.

Today there is an converse phenomenon because ‘fashion already offers’ the “Ugly” as a genuine aesthetic form.

Fashion is a contemporary osmosis that re propose and “sign” what  we live, but if the taste is questionable and varied, certainly the actual current is not toward an aesthetic that can gratify or look nice.

The cancellation of many values ​​in society ‘, as well as the eager search of the new at all costs, generates a series of images without grace and without any intention’ to create beauty. Fashion is in implosion, and often communicates with a self-referential symbolic language more and more ‘confused difficult to encode.

Already in the 90’s, a period in which current trends are referred, has been started a search in the territory of the ugly, moving the focus and proposing a conceptual fashion.

With Prada  started  the perception of  an aesthetic with a different consideration of the embellishment  towards an integralistic minimalism.

The mediums were many: shapes and proportions, materials and details of styling.

The silhouette became kind of boxy and shapeless , model faces increasingly lean. Dolce & Gabbana called their mannequins “sgangherelle,” a term to describe physical pretty much out of proportion and a little ‘deformed. The clothes fell on the model’s body  to make them less anatomical, less strategic points of the silhouette,  a sort of aesthetics more and more androgynous, which also included in  men models with increasingly thin proportions.

There was a conceptual rehabilitation of synthetic fabrics, called “technical” but actually nothing more than low-quality fabrics considered cheap as work uniforms. The colors were often conflicting, camel and neutral tones or ‘acidic for unexpected colors, deliberately dissonant.

The styling trends imposed  natural clean face look and hair disheveled, disproportions between outfits and accessories, knee highs socks, a revival  inspired by the 70’s.

  Aesthetics has been dedicated to an expressionist  research that in such an important way that even the conservative Valentino spoke of “slight disturbing.”

Today we are witnessing the full recovery of these concepts with stylistic choices that appear relevant than ever right after twenty years.

is a phenomenon of a double revival of the 70’s proposed in the 90′. The resumption of ideas and past periods has always been one of the engines of fashion but, of course, a concept only works if it finds roots in the social landscape.

If the beginning of 2000, the fashion trends demanded a renewed rush to luxury, limited edition and a reflux towards a flashy, sexy style, today we are witnessing a return to the ugly aesthetic, eccentric, and an exhibitionist.

The world reflects  a scenery of ugliness and flattening and fashion get inspired fully to  the contemporary .