Fausto Caletti: We Are The Champions

In 1927, Elsa Schiaparelli founded her fashion house, writing under her name, “Pour le sport.” Unwittingly created something that went far beyond fashion.
Sportswear is one of the biggest changes of the last century that still influences the way we perceive life and fashion.
After all the main steps during the first half of ‘900, just in the 70’s we find sport in fashion as we read it today.
In the second half of the ’70s “casual wear” was born, in the US mainly related to sneakers: a new way to combine clothes together with a mix of sportswear and formal TV series of that time are the whitness of this style fresh and easy that has been flourishing all over the world, so that various fashion events started to consider a section dedicated to this matter.
Even French Couture prevailing the fashion scene at that time, created sport collections and at the Studio 54 uniforms of the staff included shorts skating, sneakers and socks sponge regulatory Sports and Casual become synonymous of sexy, young and free.

In the early 80’s, the phenomenon is spreading through the hip-hop music, and street dance from new york influencing the whole planet. Therefore from the States rages the prototype of woman-manager who, high performing usually wears Reebok and decolletè just once in the office.
Only ten years later it becomes appropriate to speak of a true street style and it becomes normal to wear sneakers for every occasion.
The 90’s saw this style focused directly on footwear. The great controversy is between the “gazelle” by Adidas or “airmax” by Nike, the “silver” by Nike become trendy few years later: wearing them is very cool!
At the same time it’s fashionable to wear flip flop shoes instead of sandals in town, the sweatshirt in techno fabric instead of the cardigan; the neoprene scuba is the new pret- a -porter fabric and activewear brands become equal to those in fashion.
The 2000’s reveal that the passion for tracksuit never dies and create the phenomenon “Juicy Couture”, a terry cloth tracksuit that drives crazy the gossip addicted generation
And what about today? much else, fashion creates hybrids and assimilated every step of style just like in a relay race . Sneakers are trendy again matched in every look and designers create outfits inspired by activewear for every occasion of the day.
In the mixer of contemporary styles there are no more rules and sport influences not only the way of combining clothes together but it creates the single piece itself.
Technical textiles are living far beyond the gym, such as leggings, sneakers are the obsession of fetishists, the tennis polo and jogging pants are considered as classic wear, baseball caps are the hallmark of urban tribes, padded jackets have replaced any winter coats, basketball vests and rugby t-shirts have become leaders of luxury in between an iconography quotation and search for comfort.
Fashion indeed when gets inspired by sport, does exactly this: praise of a style known and reassuring that combines comfort and sensuality referred to a body active and forever young.