Susan Cutts: Stitched

Susan Cutts: I work as a sculptor, handmade paper is my material, and our relationship with clothing, my inspiration. 

The empty shoe is a familiar image so I work in multiples to emphasize the dialogue each piece suggests. Our feet shape the shoe – by the way we walk the way we stand – making it as individual as a thumbprint and like a thumbprint it can expose and betray. To make my shoes in paper is an indulgence – these shoes will never be worn they are as fragile as the hopes, dream, secrets and memories they evoke.

I work with my own handmade paper to make my ‘sculptures’. The paper is made from fibres such as abaca, hemp, cotton, processed by myself in the traditional way using a hollander beater (studio model) I work with the fine paper sheets whilst wet which negates the use of glues, stitching or armatures.