Kimiko Yoshida: Zen Baroque


Artist Kimiko Yoshida left Japan and based herself in Paris where she has been continually exploring gender and the body through her on going series of self-protraits. These large sqaure photographs depict the artist in a series of poses and costumes, each with a mostly monochromatic colour theme. yoshida ‘s monochrome approach is described as a ‘disappearance’. As she describes ‘art is a subtle process

Kour Pour: On The Silk Road


Kour Pour (born 1987) is a young British artist of part Iranian descent based in Los Angeles. He specialises in painting carpets. An exhibition of his paintings at the Untitled Gallery, New York, generated intense interest. Pour’s canvases take months to prepare. Each is based on a particular rug or carpet that he has researched from exhibition and auction catalogues. The canvas is mounted on

Katherine Roberts-Wood: Curious Perceptions


Repetition was the basis of Katherine Roberts-Wood’s graduate collection, which explores whether there is “some natural instinctive evolutionary reason to be attracted to recurring forms.” Roberts-Wood has produced visually complex structures, built up from recurring structures that occupy a space between the conceptual and the wearable. “I aim to balance complexity with a simple rule such as repetition,” she says. “To create an aesthetic that

Dr. Moog: Out of Time


Science and art, physics and music, come together and come alive in one place. You know where. We’re here today not just because people like synths, or electronic music, or even music itself, but because the advancement of technology depends on kids learning about science and math. That was certainly the history of Bob Moog himself. What he got as a student opened up the

Michele Ardito: Biophilia


“As a child I watched, mesmerized and attentive, the life that teemed in the bushes grew wild in the cracks of the concrete, an entire microcosm of life that vibrated between tiny and cramped spaces, places that with imagination became huge, thousands of times larger than my body, wrapping like a jungle impenetrable. When my imagination carried me in that dimension, I could feel the

Vincze Miklos: The Broken Toy


Vincze Miklos collected a series of photographs featuring abandoned toy factories that may cause us to pause and wonder what really hides inside our toys. Some of the abandoned factories still have doll heads waiting for their bodies on assembly-line equipment. Broken dolls litter the floors of other factories. Broken toys, signs, and colorful surrounding sit among the decaying structures and dirt. The images are

Kevin Francis Gray: A Veil of Darkness


Kevin Francis Gray (born 1972) is an Irish artist living and working in Pietrasanta, Italy. Gray was born in Armagh, Northern Ireland. He studied t the National College Of Art and Design, Dublin (1995), the School of Art Institute, Chicago (1996), and he completed his MA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, London (1999). Gray is a figurative sculptor, who works predominantly with bronze and marble.

Fausto Caletti: We Are The Champions


In 1927, Elsa Schiaparelli founded her fashion house, writing under her name, “Pour le sport.” Unwittingly created something that went far beyond fashion. Sportswear is one of the biggest changes of the last century that still influences the way we perceive life and fashion. After all the main steps during the first half of ‘900, just in the 70’s we find sport in fashion as