Kimiko Yoshida: Zen Baroque

Artist Kimiko Yoshida left Japan and based herself in Paris where she has been continually exploring gender 
and the body through her on going series of self-protraits. These large sqaure photographs depict the artist in 
a series of poses and costumes, each with a mostly monochromatic colour theme. yoshida ‘s monochrome 
approach is described as a ‘disappearance’. As she describes ‘art is a subtle process of transposition, 
an assiduous struggle with the state of things. To be there where I think I am not, to disappear where I think 
I am, that is what matters.’ in each work yoshida is outfitted with a series of accessories, often haute couture 
designs created by paco rabanne. Furthermore, the works and titles are often created with a view of art history 
in mind.

AUTHOR: Nate Archer