Paola Angelini: Regio Landskapet

1 Paola Angelini

Paola Angelini spent three months in Norway during the spring and summer of 2014 as artist-in-residence at the Nordic Artists’ Center (NKD) in Dale, Sunnfjord. Dale is located midway between fjord and mountain in the Dalsfjorden and is a small rural community with a population of 3,000. The nearest town is 150 km away. Angelini has had Venice as her fixed base since 2013. The

Jim Hodges: Metal Rock


For the last two decades, Hodges has utilized a broad range of materials — both precious and commonplace — to transform quotidian objects into reflective sculptures. Merging the personal, political and universal, Hodges seeks to evince the immemorial; timeless discourses of identity, loss, mortality and love. Using manipulated, mirror-like elements — inspired by his recent trip to India — Hodges features a greater focus on

Andrea Colombu: Foto-Grafica


Stuart Haygarth: Framed


“…my starting point and raw material for this piece are picture frame mouldings of differeing sizes, shapes, types of material and colors. exploring the V&A for suitable and available locations for the installation, I decided upon an elegant marble staircase. the work aligns the structural architecture of staircases with the ‘right angle’ sample mouldings commonly displayed throughout the picture frame industry. the analogy of those

Sally Hewett: Body Embroideries


I am interested in the social and political history of Embroidery as well as in the development of embroidery and stitching as a craft. The use of particular embroidery stitches for particular effects – e.g. French knots for the centres of flowers satin stitch, chain stitch, stump work etc.

I am also interested ideas of beauty and in the things people do to their bodies

Makoto Tojiki: No Shadow


Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki works primarily with light, exploring its use in installations, figurative sculptures, as well as kinetic pieces. His No Shadow works shown above are among my favorite, using long strands of lights to create representations of people and animals. “Sometimes an object appears differently from how we remember it to be. Yet, this is often not because the object itself has changed,

Mika Rottenberg: Cheese


Mika Rottenberg was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1976. She immigrated to Israel with her family in 1977. In 1998, she graduated from Hamidrasha, Bait Berl College of Arts, Israel. In 2000, Rottenberg moved to New York to continue her education, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in 2000 and a Master of Fines Arts from Columbia University

Fausto Caletti: Bodydress

il corpo celato

Fashion has always been looted art, ranging in each visual field, appropriating the language and making it useful to its own expression. Today there is a new approach where the dress is getting closer to art through a visual allusion and illusion made ​​of references and different effects from the past.

Appearing and the appearance are contemporary elements essential to the survival of the fashion

End Cape: Banana is my Business


The “Tattoo a Banana” by Japanese artist End Cape, who uses bananas as canvas to create illustrations using just a needle. These tattoos are done without colored ink, simply by the process of oxidation of the banana skin pierced by the needle. It’s a past-time known as banana tattooing, but technique-wise is similar to pointillism. This is where pictures are created using tiny dots of

Aline Biasutto: The Sirens Chant

AlineBiasutto_The Sirens Chant_04

The Sirens Chant engages a poetic process of actualization with all of its complexities. he Mediterranean—a territorial entity bounded and open through actual borders and divided into discreet national cultures- is animated into a perpetual movement of de-territorialization and re- territorialization that renders it instable. Instability in your piece produces fragments, erotic figures, and geometries that haunt the surface of the screen, the sea, the