Aline Biasutto: The Sirens Chant

The Sirens Chant engages a poetic process of actualization with all of its complexities. he Mediterranean—a territorial entity bounded and open through actual borders and divided into discreet national cultures- is animated into a perpetual movement of de-territorialization and re- territorialization that renders it instable. Instability in your piece produces fragments, erotic figures, and geometries that haunt the surface of the screen, the sea, the motion of waves that web and flow incessantly. Agitation and meditation. Actual and virtual. A virtual as excess, as erotic excess. Eroticism as the ‘real’ future of an illusion, the illusion being the Mediterranean as a geopolitical entity. Dreamlike, Aline Biasutto’s piece invites to a psychoanalytical act of sorts that relies on a different politics of the unconscious. A collective psychoanalysis.

AUTHOR: Tarek El Haik