Makoto Tojiki: No Shadow

Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki works primarily with light, exploring its use in installations, figurative sculptures, as well as kinetic pieces. His No Shadow works shown above are among my favorite, using long strands of lights to create representations of people and animals.
“Sometimes an object appears differently from how we remember it to be. Yet, this is often not because the object itself has changed, but it is caused by a change in the observer’s perspective. This change may also be related to, and expressive of, the object’s essence.
My interest is in exploring, “When, and for what reason, does a person’s perception of an object change?” Through my work, I seek to stimulate how people see objects.”
His most recent “No Shadow” series is inspired by the interconnectedness of light and shadow and how they can be manipulated and controlled. Tojiki begins his creative process by breaking down the light and the shadow to capture the essence of their symbiosis resulting in fleeting images that are as ephemeral and enigmatic as shadow itself.