Getoutofyourskin: Dionysian Dynamic Spirit

GETOUTOFYOURSKIN explores the bond between what Nietzsche calls the “Dionysian spirit”, the root of human being, and the “Apollonian spirit”, the ideal of the social man. Caterina Ciuffoletti visualized the elementary side of the human anatomy and, as its antithesis, the images of Christian iconography. She molded these features into the figure of an iconic man dressed in his humanity, wearing the trinity-skull. The result is a variety of textures and effects, hand-cut silhouettes layered and draped to move and resemble the force of a decaying body. Organic bone section prints, deconstructed coats, every element is based on the number 3. The silk organza dress sets the archetypal of GETOUTOFYOURSKIN. 16 layers of organza cut to follow silhouettes of rib cages are draped on the body creating a subtle game of shapes and contrasts. The idea is to build trinity into anatomy; the three-ribcage silhouettes are placed on the body and draped to give a sense of dynamic power and frail appearance at the same time. Beautifully crafted pieces, with a delicate feel yet strong sense of structure that flows between layers of organza.
“I developed the collection as an analysys of the contemporary society through the nietzschean phylosophy. As “generation y” representative, balancing between youth and adulthood, dealing with high ideals and lack of perspective, living  the “Crisis” I felt the urge to create a positive answer and vision of evolution, or better, re-evaluation. I visualized the Dyonisian spirit in the most elementary and mechanic essence of the human being: our body, our anatomy, the way we are builted to interact with the world.  On the other hand I visualizeded in the heavy aesthetic of the medieval Christian iconography the Apollonian spirit. As a result of this struggle between the Apollonian and the Dionysian spirit I achieved the iconic human being who has defeated the fear itself, has accepted his humanity, his power and his decay. The man who wears the skull of the trinity is just like an ancient greek warrior who wears his enemies arms and standards as sign of value.” How long have you had a fashion collection? “Two years so far, I am now working my third one.” Is it a collection that has already been produced? Is it sold? In which stores? “I didn’t have the chance to get it produced yet, I strongly belive in it though.. I am looking foward  to suceede in seing it produced.” In which stores would you like to see your collection?
“I would like to see it sold among other fresh and young brands, Dover Street Market in London, Colette would be nice or Corso Como in Milan. What excites me more though is thinking of real people wearing my collection.” What is your experience in the world of fashion? “So far the Polimoda experience is been the most important, as it is where I shaped myself as a designer and set the bases for my future.”  What do you expect from being published on What are your future projects? “It is a good opportunity to show my collection to a wide public, wich is always nice, and maybe rise some interest. I can’t tell the future but I know what I want is to keep doing what I love: creating worlds.” Caterina ‘s Academic background at Polimoda, Florence, graduated in fashion design and Bunka Fashion College, Osaka, post graduate.