Francesco Ardini: Inviluppo e Proliferazioni

As a result of profound reflections of scientific nature, I consider the idea that the world is not based on linearity, but that its essence sinks into chaos.
Uneven surfaces, the apparent dissolution, the linearity threatened by cracks, dynamism, are the immediate traits, which create volumes seemingly fragile, uncontrolled of my ceramics.
PROLIFERATION and ENVELOPE are born from scientific research that comes to the first forms of life.
Cells in the first forms tangled and expanses of the polymers that are the basis of the life form of inorganic matter.
The concept of home as a place of family and property has become today a precarious concept.
The ceramic, as symbol of the object of domestic use of megaron, is forced to change.
It is also fragile and precarious. The ceramic undergoes the space that surrounds it, the will of the user who uses it and the time. It is no longer an immutable, static and solid presence in the house. The edges are blurred.
Everything is changeable, subject to the evolution of organic and bacterial phenomenal as if the ceramic is more like an organism that lives, dies and evolve with processes like cellular explosions that seem ready to grow anywhere in your home independently and uncontrollably.
And with patience every single bacterium of ceramic is hand-laid.
The metal, which has the particularity to withstand high temperatures, allows to create small flying volumes. The color of proliferation is intense, almost alien to ceramics. The color of “proliferation in blue” seems almost plastic, creating a real sense of transformation of the usual glossy white surface  into something continuous, lively and constantly expanding.
Envelope is the transformation as a movement. Today everything is moving, a factor that distinguishes our society. From communication to the way we move through the space the static no longer exists and this must reflect in the objects of our living. The figure of the “tray” has always been solid edge of the home, it becomes a form in continuous motion and changing in any way it is observed. This dynamic volume creates an apparently precarious and fragile volume, and uncontrolled
stressed in defining in the environment. The volume is made up of ceramic tubular of different diameter to allow lightness and a certain sound to the work. A complex process of enameling ensures strength to the work. Each envelope is hand-woven and is therefore unique in its movement.