We Make Carpets: Kneeling


It’s not hard to imagine what Dutch design trio We Make Carpets, makes. True to their name, Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten and Bob Waardenburg create carpets, but not they kind you’re thinking of. Mixing traditional pattern making with a critical view of consumer society, the group creates unusual carpets using everything from crayons and fireworks to cocktail umbrellas, plastic forks and dried pasta.

Bompas & Parr: Hypnotic Shop


HYBrowns Focus, London Fashion Week, February 2011 The Hypnotic Shop used hypnotic techniques to touch peoples subconscious and make them buy. The installation was developed in association with hypnosis experts, academics and psychologists. It used hypnotic visuals, cleaning products spiked with TasteTechs micro-encapsulated aromas and powerful subliminal messaging to influence customers purchasing pattern. Hypnotic Shop operated as an experiment in which customers were the unwilling

Stuart Haygarth: Framed


“…my starting point and raw material for this piece are picture frame mouldings of differeing sizes, shapes, types of material and colors. exploring the V&A for suitable and available locations for the installation, I decided upon an elegant marble staircase. the work aligns the structural architecture of staircases with the ‘right angle’ sample mouldings commonly displayed throughout the picture frame industry. the analogy of those

Claudine Dupeyron: Pieces of Light


The artist’s hand plays with nature’s creatures in strange and unexpected ways, rearranges and recomposes them harmoniously, transforming their original essence. With this creative and imaginative liberty, elements are associated according to their colours, light or brightness, energy and strength, and acquire a new life and identity. Therefore, pieces of wood washed ashore by the tide can be associated with minerals from distant caves; white

Laurent Fort: Light on Canvas

Light on Canvas

This light is part of the collection “Soul of the Light”. Is an artistic gesture that gives the object a strong scenic value beyond a simply spectacular feature lighting. The aim of drawing with light a floating, flexible, fluid and poetic image describes the aesthetics of this sculpture of light. A light source that alludes to the explosive power of a primitive life form, to

Luca Gnizio: Constructed Nature


Born in 1981 in Lodi, currently living in Pietrasanta, Luca Gnizio has, in only a few years, attracted broad interest from National and International critics, allowing him to rapidly acquire important appointments. Discovered in 2010 by Kenji Kawasaki, he was invited as the first Italian in the category of professionals, to participate in the Tokyo Designers Week. He has also been supported by talent hunters

Francesco Ardini: Inviluppo e Proliferazioni

inviluppo group 1

As a result of profound reflections of scientific nature, I consider the idea that the world is not based on linearity, but that its essence sinks into chaos. Uneven surfaces, the apparent dissolution, the linearity threatened by cracks, dynamism, are the immediate traits, which create volumes seemingly fragile, uncontrolled of my ceramics. PROLIFERATION and ENVELOPE are born from scientific research that comes to the first