Getoutofyourskin: Dionysian Dynamic Spirit


GETOUTOFYOURSKIN explores the bond between what Nietzsche calls the “Dionysian spirit”, the root of human being, and the “Apollonian spirit”, the ideal of the social man. Caterina Ciuffoletti visualized the elementary side of the human anatomy and, as its antithesis, the images of Christian iconography. She molded these features into the figure of an iconic man dressed in his humanity, wearing the trinity-skull. The result

Yuri Pardi: Monumental


garments appear to be carved from stone in University of East London graduate Yuri Pardi’s Minimalism-influenced fashion collection. Pardi showed his Monument collection during UEL’s catwalk show on Sunday, as part of Graduate Fashion Week held at London’s Old Truman Brewery. His grey wool garments are intended to extend parts of the body to create minimal, angular forms. The rigid volumes that protrude from the