Kendell Geers: Ritual Resist


A man and a woman engaged in the martial art of vanity. Neither can see the other and both struggle against their own reflection in a square mirror. The square is the symbol of all things in balance, the 4 elements, the 4 directions and 4 corners of the Earth, the 4 evangelists, 4 seasons and 4 noble truths. The instructions are simple, to keep

Inside Out @ 4Cento, Milano



Inside Out Risekult art exhibition and exculsive party a choral project of contemporary art that leads beyond the barrier in an unusual perspective as a liberating and passionate story

Artists: Stefano Russo, Marco Cadioli, Elisa Cella, Michele Chiossi, Fiammetta Vanelli MGV, Roberto Cambi, Mirko Canesi.

Music by Aleryde

October 23rd 2014 from 6,30pm at 4Cento Via Campazzino 14, Milano

Jacob Hashimoto: Silence Still Governs Our Consciousness


Macro inaugurates the entrance to its new wing with a site specific installation by Jacob Hashimoto. Silence Still Governs Our Consciousness creates a floating realm which anticipates the journey from MACRO’s present to its future. Hashimoto conceived this “cloud of 7000 kites” specifically for MACRO’s new exhibition gallery. The work fills the room like a “diaphanous canopy” evoking in its spectators the sensation of being

Heechan Kim: Forms


My work emphasizes the relationships between shapes and the lines those shapes make. Using wood as my primary material, I intend to explore the character of wood and visual language of the resulting work. I have always been fascinated by wood as a material. It is amazing how people control the material against its own will to create something very different from the way it

Arnaud Lapierre: Ring


“Ring” is an installation which takes into consideration the urban space networking : the rhythm, flow, organization and spatial hierarchy. The installation embodies a visual effect that is to connect all of these interactions through the implementation of an optical effect: the repetition of an cubic mirror to break the perception of the place. This dynamic installation changes the relationships between individuals and the space

Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva: Apocalypse in Art


It is difficult to escape the feeling that “Apocalypse in Art” really shows the world, standing on the edge, barren, falling in decay like a story line of a picture that is braking into fragments. People can not postpone the crash, they’ve lost an ability to create – all they can really do is to seek and fix. We are trying to find a refuge

Matt Brown: Food, New Frontiers


Matt Brown is an Interaction Designer/Industrial Designer from Michigan currently living in Genova, Italy. Graduated from the IXD Masters course at the Umea Institute of Design in June 2009. Really into food, design, anything off-beat, early synth music, and other humans. The projects should be viewed as design fiction, we don’t mean for the object to be the product but for the experience or idea

Boo Ritson: Still Alive


Boo Ritson (born 1969) is an artist based in Chesham. Ritson was born in Surrey, United Kingdom. She received her BA in 2002 from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College and her MA in 2005 from the Royal College of Art. Boo Ritson trained as a sculptor but in recent years her practice has developed to include painting. In her most widely known series of work, Ritson

Beppe Finessi: Progetto Cibo


Cibo, ultima frontiera del design? Dalla cucina tradizionale alla nouvelle cousine l’attenzione all’estetica dei piatti ha sempre fatto la differenza a tavola. Un noto motto giapponese dice che si mangia prima con gli occhi e poi con la bocca: non è forse un caso che nel paese del Sol Levante si sia sviluppata l’arte del sampuru, le pietanze colorate che i ristoranti usano esporre nelle

Tamara Ferioli: Her Own Way

T.Ferioli-64°03'08''N-2014-capelli su stampa ink-jet su carta matte -30x45cm

“I wonder if Ferioli’s experience and encounter of Iceland was like déjà vu? That is how it seemed to me. Not like déjà from a dream but rather from another life. It is as if the extreme contrasts in Icelandic landscapes – the soft green grass and hard core volcanic rocks, black sands and glaciers, and the life of the inhabitants intertwined in it –