Marco Cadioli: Necessary Lines


Abstract Journeys is an ongoing project grown in 2014 with new series of artworks created by shooting Earth surface with Google Earth satellite tool. “Necessary Lines” is a B&W series that explores man traces on the earth surface during agricultural works. The lines are drawn by machines used in automated agriculture controlled by software and GPS. There is no artistic intention in that lines, but

Claudine Dupeyron: Pieces of Light


The artist’s hand plays with nature’s creatures in strange and unexpected ways, rearranges and recomposes them harmoniously, transforming their original essence. With this creative and imaginative liberty, elements are associated according to their colours, light or brightness, energy and strength, and acquire a new life and identity. Therefore, pieces of wood washed ashore by the tide can be associated with minerals from distant caves; white

Mirko Canesi: Fall and Rising, Fall and Rising, Fall and Rising…


In my research I try to tackle a broad reflection focused on nature: how it can become part of the artistic process and its emotional or conceptual content. Specifically, it is my intention to make clear the event of an act of violence, as it may be exercised by man over another “living being”. The plants, which by their nature are passive, they lend

Tiffany Chung: Another Day Another World


Tiffany Chung’s work examines conflict, migration, urban progress and transformation in relation to history and cultural memory. It explores the geographical shifts in countries that were traumatized by war, human destruction or natural disaster. Whether Chung’s studies of the growth, decline or disappearance of towns and cities focus on urban development, environmental catastrophe or humanitarian crisis, her ethnographic research and interviews often play into her

Laurent Fort: Light on Canvas

Light on Canvas

This light is part of the collection “Soul of the Light”. Is an artistic gesture that gives the object a strong scenic value beyond a simply spectacular feature lighting. The aim of drawing with light a floating, flexible, fluid and poetic image describes the aesthetics of this sculpture of light. A light source that alludes to the explosive power of a primitive life form, to

Kendell Geers: Ligne de Fuite 9025

10639422_10204691476106725_167126286005022157_n copia

The San Bushmen, the original nomadic peoples of Southern Africa believed in the concept of “Thinking Strings,” ropes of consciousness that linked them with the divine. They believed that under trance it was possible for the shaman to ascend to the heavens upon these ropes like the Biblical account of Jacob’s ladder. On the 24 February 1969 Johnny Cash “Walked the Line” for his love

Stefano Russo: Riflessi d’interno


Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc which may have similar characteristics, but may differ depending on the percentage of each metal present. Used since remote times, it is implemented in various applications, in all mechanics regarding both hydraulic and electrical systems, musical instruments, numerous common use objects, but also for the production of jewellery for its golden colour and due to its

Luca Gnizio: Constructed Nature


Born in 1981 in Lodi, currently living in Pietrasanta, Luca Gnizio has, in only a few years, attracted broad interest from National and International critics, allowing him to rapidly acquire important appointments. Discovered in 2010 by Kenji Kawasaki, he was invited as the first Italian in the category of professionals, to participate in the Tokyo Designers Week. He has also been supported by talent hunters

Heike Buelau: Life is an adventure… or nothing


“I am Heike Buelau, the HB in Industrial Designs, and ever since I can remember, personal style has been an essential aspect of my life. It has pretty much been the only consistent form of art in my life. Whether a classically trained singer performing Opera, a fine artist in print photography, exploring the field of video or finally again performing live improv with my

Gianluca Capozzi: Post Nature

Mountain, digital painting on photo, printed on plexiglass, cm68,3x91,44

Note Poetics My research at the outset is based on a meditative moment. I look at the relationship between man and nature as part of the ‘energy that surrounds everything. The eye goes to the man, the society that moves away from its natural position, and its possible existence in communion with an organic whole and connected at all times (even in reference theories on