Gianluca Capozzi: Post Nature

Note Poetics My research at the outset is based on a meditative moment. I look at the relationship between man and nature as part of the ‘energy that surrounds everything.
The eye goes to the man, the society that moves away from its natural position, and its possible existence in communion with an organic whole and connected at all times (even in reference theories on quantum mechanics that are transcended the traditional physics with the introduction the new rules of the microcosm, very close to a vision of the alchemical, fantastic and evolutionary the world).
I start from the painting and try to fathom the borders and limits, carrying the sign and the color of its borders extreme possibility representative.
After my first experience of a pointillist painting and hyper together, focused on the dynamics of human perception, are passed to the investigation of the “visual noise” created by assembling more paintings juxtaposed between them. Eventually I came to a study of “the nature after nature “, moving on thin boundaries between natural and artificial (where digital becomes natural and technological nature).
Taken the photos as they were painted, paint as scattassi photo: is this the way my last job. I use photos as a base and speak about them with various techniques: adding and subtracting, combining drawings and pictorial, and then reprint all of the material was not just close to the artistic tradition as the transparent Plexiglas that arises between the viewer and the work of a filter non-existent, as it takes shape only in the volume of its transparency.
In other words, I try to combine my painting experiments to technology, to space and amplify those are my views. The objective is to get a slight depth made of small marks, transparency, transformations, to explore the nature, expanding the feelings that it arouses.

Gianluca Capozzi