Phoebe Collings-James: Choke On Your Tongue

English artist Phoebe Collings-James is known for her punchy often confrontational art, working across painting, sculpture and video she presents for the first time her new body of ceramic work.

Choke On Your Tongue is a compelling climax to the artist’s summer in Italy, taking part in Nuove//Residency, a program dedicated to the teaching of ceramic to young international artists.

Filling the residencies cavernous show space in Nove with phallic outlines, punctured mounds and sculpted orifices that seemingly jet ‘sausages’ into the room, Collings-James achieves a dynamic show that pulls on issues of language, expression and sexuality.

These new ceramic pieces scream ‘orality’, a recurring theme in the artists work, She aggressively bores gashes into her forms creating violent cries that reverberate around the show space. Phallic shapes only go further in highlighting the power of these vacuities and their potential for obstruction and silence.

In vibrant hues Collings-James electrifies the space within which her work exists, creating her own coercive narratives that feel simultaneously autobiographical yet voyeuristic. These new works will form part of a large solo presentation with the Italian Cultural Institute in London, taking place in January 2015.
Project sponsored by Eugenio Re Rebaudengo e Artuner.

AUTHOR: Harry Woodlock