David Spriggs: Vision 3d

“I found that painting had certain qualities that allowed me to represent certain concepts, and sculpture allowed others, yet each method had their own inherent limitations.  I wanted to find a way that I could paint in the space between the two and three dimensions in order to bring new ideas and ways of seeing. It lead me to develop a new type of space in which I could represent what I find most fascinating: the notion of the immaterial form.

Almost all art throughout history has been an engagement with space. It is the same exploration of space that lead to my own process. Sculpture is inherently about space and form, while in painting there has been various developments regarding the representation and understanding of space; the invention of linear perspective being of major importance. The Cubist and Futurist notions of space are perhaps most interesting to me. Space for them was a system of viewpoints in time. They understood that we see objects in space from different viewpoints and together those viewpoints constitute our understanding of that object. Space therefore is pliable divisible concept. The artist Lucio Fontana also made some interesting work about space by breaking through two dimensions by cutting through the canvas to make us aware of the space behind. When I was in my teens I made some prints using the 4 colour printing process and it became clear to me that images are made of layers, various surfaces that function together to reveal content. Painting likewise is a system of layering. It made a lot of sense too that painting could exist through three dimensional space on multiple planes.”

AUTHOR: Benjamin Starr


Vision from David Spriggs on Vimeo.