Paolo Regis: Human Power

A point, a line, a fragment, an outline, a form, a shape, a face, a spirit, a presence, a surface, a space, a territory, an event, a story.
A set, a crowd. This is the vision of photographer Paolo Regis (1979) which presents the photographic project “Human Power”.
What is the unit of measure of this multitude? And the question from which the visual pathway, the human being is generally classified by its weight for his height, having body mass that is matter, and therefore, many if not infinite are the forces acting on him and that he exercised over others.
Paolo Regis analyze, decompose and recompose this force, manifested in interaction and binding of two or more bodies. The motion vector of these spirits is transformed into a stream color, living fiber of what the artist defines as Human Power, the strength of the human.
His reportage has its primary concern, according to a common denominator, individuals and their environment captured in varied phenomenology of their interactions and their communicate and socialize in their situation historically decisive captured in different countries of the world, from Bangladesh, Zanzibar, Berlin, Venice, Milan, London, Acctra in Ghana, Varanasi and Bodhgaya.
“I wanted to capture the vibration and the unity of thousands of people put them all together and take away all that divides them”, explains Paolo Regis. “I shoot the entire moment very seriously with natural light and without worrying then toucj-ups.”
The merger that emanates his workis truly pure and spontaneous.
“I worked whit one precise goal, with what I was surrounded by at the time. “Some of this shots (Human Fabric) remind us of the magnificence of ancient tapestries, a rich and complex in many places, of many bodies. Others (Human Whence) capture a wave of light and movement, a cascade of vibrant colors that liven up the nuances of human forms.
His photos are an implosions of colors, now soft and now fluorescent fabric euphoric and apocalyptic returned together in just the details.
Every shot invites us to share the event, to take in everyone, a face, a hand, the whisper of humanity. In the world returned by Paolo Regis you can not help but get lost.
And “This is the meaning of his visual hemisphere, in constant search of the strength of solidarity that belongs to one man.