Nemo’s: Before and After

Nemo’s piece of art “Before and After” shifts the consideration and the use of Street Art,
focusing on the interaction of the audience and the friction of time. Nemo’S, on one hand,
works site specific like other artists, and on the other hand experiments and carries out an
innovative technique. After the first layer of paint, NemO’S covers the surface with a layer of
glue and then places pieces of newspaper, covering the image that is underneath. On top of
the layers of newspaper he adds a second illustration (clothes, skin, casings and different
details ecc.).
This way the artist dresses the first image with volatile clothing that is destined to detach in
time and endure the people passing by! The artistic and technical innovation lays in the
cohesion of the pieces of newspaper (that the artist recycles from daily newspapers), until
these come unstuck and reveal new meanings connected to the drawing, leaving the audience
floored and actually including the audience in the creation of the new image.
With the consideration and the realization of NemO’S process Street Art shifts from being a
mere visual reality to one with aspects regarding participation and tactile effects. This way as
time goes by and a random audience passes by, in some way interacting, the piece of art is
completed, one that had only just began with the hands of the artist. NemO’S fresh new idea
lays in the use of this technique that, like a drawer of secrets, needs intuition, collaboration,
consideration and that satisfies the sixth sense: curiosity