Marco Paganini: Inside


Marco Paganini work appears like a box, a closed box. Each box has a different size, different measures, different structure, a different way to open up, a different arrangement in the space. Inside is the name of this work, because it is on the inside of these boxes that something happens. Is indeed “inside” of each box that a world exists, becomes possible and replicable.

Ryan McGinley: timeless places


“My photographs are about removal: bringing people to nondescript locations, to places that aren’t recognizable, removing their clothes, capturing them with a very limited style palette. I try to think about how timelessness, isolation, and style interact”. Ryan McGinley, Artforum, September 2010. Ryan McGinley’s aesthetic has evolved over the past decade from a verité snapshot style to one that is more cinematic, even epic. More

Alessio Iacovone: Luminosity


Artist’s identities are constituted by a multitude of signs, that combined together create a personal alphabet of images. Regardless the subjectivity of their meanings, these images generate symbolic significance that is ascribable to primitive shapes. The allegoric dimension plays an essential role in Alessio Iacovone’s artworks, alongside with the investigation of the relationship between personal experience and traditional symbolisms. The artist interprets them through

Michele Ardito: Biophilia


“As a child I watched, mesmerized and attentive, the life that teemed in the bushes grew wild in the cracks of the concrete, an entire microcosm of life that vibrated between tiny and cramped spaces, places that with imagination became huge, thousands of times larger than my body, wrapping like a jungle impenetrable. When my imagination carried me in that dimension, I could feel the

Mahnaz Seyed Ekhtiary: the tree of body


In the theoretical considerations of feminist movements of the 60s the body was defined as “border” between nature and culture, in fact, taking an historical distinction between the human and the world around him. In a frequently used access it can be argued that nature and culture and their relationship are the result of an invention. The contemporary perspective leaves the two domains with boundaries