Daniel Marbaix: States of Decay


Looking at images of an abandoned doctor’s house in Germany taken by photographer Daniel Marbaix prompts curiosity similar to that evoked by great historical sites. Who were these people? Why did they leave in such a hurry? What happened here? The once-grand house is badly dilapidated but its rooms still boast gorgeous fixtures and items inexplicably abandoned, suggesting a sudden flight from the home by

Snøhetta Study: Casa Zeb


To obtain the classification of Zero Energy Building, housing must prove that it can offset 100% of CO2 emissions, compensation made ​​possible among other things, the study of geometry and volume of the enclosure, orientation south-east, the positioning of the glass surfaces and the choice of materials highly qualified. The response of the study Scandinavian Snøhetta is a module family built in Larvik, Norway, equipped

Castello di Sammezzano (Non Plus Ultra), Tuscany, Italy


The extravagant residence Castello di Sammezzano sits on top of a hill in Tuscany, Northern Italy is located on a 185-hectare park. Originally it was built in the Moorish style in 1605 for Ximenes d’Aragona and then re-designed between 1853 and 1889. It was abandoned in the late 1990′s after being used as a luxury hotel. It is surrounded by almost 500 acres of lush

Jon Piasecki: Stone River


Stone River is a project by award wining landscape architect and stonemason, Jon Piasecki. Jon Piasecki is a graduate of Harvard University (with a Masters in Landscape Architecture in 1995), and Cornell University (with a B.S. in forest ecology in 1989). In 2004, he received the Prince Charitable Trust Rome Prize awarded by the American Academy in Rome, and was in residence at the Academy

Aro Ha: New Zeland


In early 2010, Chris Madison and Damian Chaparro discussed their shared interest in creating a transition space for those interested in nature, adventure, self-development, alternative health, and results-oriented fitness. Excited by their common views of the world, and the potential transformative impact of such a project, the concept of Aro Hā was born. Located on the South Island of New Zealand, Aro Hā is just

Abandoned Shopping Mall, Bangkok Thailand


The New World Shopping Mall was once a thriving 11-story mall but due to building regulations many of its floors had to be demolished. To make things worse, the mall suffered an arson attack which destroyed the structure’s roof and few years later the mall has being abandoned in 1999.. Not long after that monsoon rains flooded the lower floors. As a way to combat

Edgar Martins: This is not a house


The subprime mortgage crisis, which has its roots in the closing years of the twentieth century, became apparent in 2007 and has exposed pervasive weaknesses in the regulation of the financial industry and the global financial system. This work was shot in the USA, between November and December 2008, in the context of a commission by The New York Times Magazine. Produced in eight separate