Joseph Marr: Desire is a trap


Joseph Marr (born 1979) is an Australian Artist of English/Maori heritage who lives and works in Berlin, Germany.Working in a number of media including painting, sculpture, video and photography, my art is conceptually oriented, and generally concerned with issues of consciousness. Working with sugar is wonderful and difficult. Its so colourful and textural, having similarities to paint. But then there is the

Olga Schigal: Still Lifes


“My art is a continuous experimentation and discovery. I try to melt together emotions with spontaneous ideas to preserve as much as possible the authenticity of my sculptures. I like to give form to an idea and idea to a form by using various materials and media such as video, photography, text, voice. I have lived in many countries with different mentalities and languages and

Chiharu Shiota: The Hand Lines


She studied with Marina Abramovic (Marina Abramović), become famous for its extreme performance. Body subjected to various ordeals, is the main material Abramovich, whose works «talk» of the destructive passions and violence. Appeal to the theme of the body has had a decisive influence on the work Shiota, which, we note at the beginning of his career to paint. At its first exhibition, arranged, when

Sound Levitation


I am so into watching levitation technology evolve since I first learned about it several years ago. The idea and premise is rather simple, and the evolution of this technology feels like its a no-brainer at where it will lead… Airships, Cloud Cities, and Hoverboards!! Heck yes! And while we are probably a ways away still from levitating an entire city perpetually in a

Shai Langen: Chimera


Emulsified liquid latex stretches over bodies and fermented dough drips from skin in this movie by graduate textile designer Shai Langen. Shai Langen created a collection of materials by combining liquid latex with calcium nitrate for his graduation project Chimera, completed at the HKU Utrecht School of Arts. The materials were added to textiles worn to look like synthetic fungi growing over the skin. “I’ve

Zita Merényi: Soldered Ideas


“This is a coat collection where I use soldering instead of tailoring lines, which looks like scars, reflecting on the long term and temporary traces of mankind on the Planet Earth and on their own body, like scarification tattoos, these scar lines generate very new forms, which are plastic, sculptural, and look beautiful and strange at the same time. I injure the textiles but then

Daniele Girardi: Norvegian Chronicles


Nation: Norway Country: Finnskogen forest Date: November 17 2014 Coordinates GPS: N 60° 5’37.53” E 12°20’50.64” Track: Smorhølmen Lake (second step) Temperature: min -­‐3° max +8° Equipment list: compass, work gloves, map, insulation mat, multitool, thermal blanket, stove, fire stell, tarp, cords, water pot, scotch tape, sketch book, pencil and camera. The forest is a natural cathedral, an arboreal shrine, an elite place

Stefano Russo: Investigating Matter


A photographic and video project, created during two years of research and experiments, registering more than 100 different scenes and the shooting of many different subjects, during several journeys around the world. The aim is to investigate what’s beyond the surface and find the point, the gap, the door, in order to access the hidden and invisible levels. “Investigating Matter” is an analysis of the

Thomas Hirschhorn: Théatre Précaire

4. WOMAN_800x533.shkl

Thomas Hirschhorn is a Swiss artist who is known for his sprawling works that transform traditional white cube spaces into absorbing environments tackling issues of critical theory, global politics, and consumerism. He engages the viewer through superabundance. Combining found imagery and texts, bound up in low-tech constructions of cardboard, foil, and packing tape, he props imagistic assaults in a DIY-fashion that correlates to the intellectual

Pathology Museum: Sacred Tarts


Children beware, the Easter bunny has a dark side and I’ve found it at St Bart’s hospital. St Bart’s is a working hospital , so I was a little confused to find myself roaming its corridors, as well as my iPhone maps, looking for the location of an event normally associated with fluffy chicks and bunnies. Lo and behold, I turn an isle and bump