Susan Stockwell: Nature, Accumulation, Transformation.


Susan Stockwell’s work takes many forms from small studies to large scale installations, sculpture, drawings and collage. It is concerned with issues of ecology, geo-politics, mapping, trade and history. The materials used are the everyday, domestic and industrial disposable products that pervade our lives. These materials are manipulated and transformed into works of art that are extraordinary. One of Stockwell’s recent exhibition ‘Flood’ in York

Remember my Song


For the first time the hippocampus — a brain structure crucial for creating long-lasting memories — has been observed to be active in response to recurring musical phrases while listening to music. Thus, the hippocampal involvement in long-term memory may be less specific than previously thought, indicating that short and long-term memory processes may depend on each other after all. The study was

Susan Cutts: Stitched


Susan Cutts: I work as a sculptor, handmade paper is my material, and our relationship with clothing, my inspiration. The empty shoe is a familiar image so I work in multiples to emphasize the dialogue each piece suggests. Our feet shape the shoe – by the way we walk the way we stand – making it as individual as a thumbprint and like a thumbprint

Conrad Shawcross: The ADA Project

12 Tamara Barnett Herrin

For The ADA Project, four renowned female musicians created works in response to the movements of an industrial robot that has been hacked and programmed by the artist Conrad Shawcross to create four unique choreographies. In this first-of-its-kind collaborative artwork, Shawcross takes a new approach to commissioning music, reversing the traditional process, so that the robot’s dance provides the inspiration and parameters for the