Gehard Demetz: The Invocation

Gehard Demetz (16)

Unfinished and unmistakable, Gehard Demetz realises his figures by assembling small wooden pegs as if they were shreds of history. His works are generally of children or adolescents with a look that is sometimes extinguished, sometimes melancholy and almost sulky, a symptom of the bitter conftict with themselves and the world of adults, and of the premature loss of tè that innocence that we usually

Robert Seidel: Projected Memories


Robert Seidel is a Berlin based artist, working in the field of experimental film, projection and video installation. He began his studies in biology at Friedrich Schiller University Jena before transferring to the Bauhaus University Weimar to complete his degree in media design. His projections, installations and experimental films have been shown in museums like LACMA Los Angeles, Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, ZKM

Department of Architecture: Hilton Pattaya


Department of ARCHITECTURE Co. Ltd. is a design studio practicing architecture, interior design, landscape design, and other related design disciplines in a broad range of programmatic requirements and scales. It focuses on developing ideas in architecture, researches on social, cultural, and physical context, as well as takes on an exploration for alternative ways of material utilization. Department of ARCHITECTURE is responsible for interior design

Leopold Blaschka: Fish Glass


Leopold Blaschke was born in Český Dub, Bohemia, to a family which originated from Antoniwald in the Izera Mountains, a region known for processing glass, metals and gems. The family had also spent time in the glassblowing industry of Venice.

Leopold displayed artistic skills as a child, he then joined the family business, which produced glass ornaments and glass eyes.

In 1853,

Karen La Monte: A Heart of Glass


LaMonte grew up in Manhattan, New York. In 1990, she graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with a Bachelor in Fine Arts with honors. Immediately after college, she was awarded a fellowship at the Creative Glass Center of America, in Millville, New Jersey. Following that, she moved to Brooklyn, New York, and worked at UrbanGlass, a not-for-profit public access glass studio.

Angela Palmer: Scan Art

COL5_0412_ 042

Nurturing her sculptural technique as an anatomist at the Ruskin School, Angela Palmer’s portrait include an eighth century BC Theban priest, Djeddjehutyiuefankh, and Eclipse, an 18th century thoroughbred racehorse, as well as a series based on the head of the novelist Robert Harris and, in an Ashmolean Museum work described as “sensational”, a Mummy Boy revealing the contours of a child wrapped within a

The Atom: The Atomic Song


If an atom gets excited in a laboratory, does it make a sound? Turns out that it absolutely does, albeit it’s the softest sound that scientists say is physically possible.

Researchers at Columbia University and Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology say that they have, for the first time, “captured” the sound a single atom makes when it moves around—a single “phonon,” as it

Fausto Caletti: Beautiful Monster


Chanel argued that art and fashion are two opposing concepts as: arts are ugly things that become beautiful, fashion beautiful things that become ugly.

Today there is an converse phenomenon because ‘fashion already offers’ the “Ugly” as a genuine aesthetic form.

Fashion is a contemporary osmosis that re propose and “sign” what we live, but if the taste is questionable and varied,

Thompson Harrell: The color project


I’m an independent creative based in New York City, where I split my time between integrated, high-level concept work for brands, social innovation and conceptual art. Most recently, as Creative Director and Head of Marketing, I led the brand development and all marketing efforts for the tech startup Skillshare, a community marketplace revolutionizing how the world learns. While there, I grew the company over seven

Paolo Ceric: A Single Line


The Croatian graphic artist created the images of a single spiral line. The effect works similarly to a printing process. The line spacing is larger in bright areas, while the lines are closer in dark areas. Paolo Ceric likes to play with graphic and digital effects.