Morgan Herrin: Otzi and Other Stories


The evidence of my labor gives value to the material, which is otherwise cheap and disposable. Recycled, construction-grade lumber reflects our society’s preference for cheap, fast, and impermanent. My sculptures are hand-carved, a process that takes hundreds of work-hours and utilizes hand tools that have been almost completely phased out by modern machines. These two aspects combine to create a dialogue about time and the

Michael Johansson: A Regular Daily Life


Michael Johansson is a Swedish installation artist who takes OCD tendencies to the next level with his real-life Tetris sculptures. His passion for ordinary and useless things organised into exceptionally good-looking piles makes most neat-freaks look like the biggest slobs. Johansson is obsessed with irregularities and coincidences between to disparate objects which may only be linked by a common colour or a shape. On a

Dewi Van De Klomp: Spacetimerubbering


These Soft Cabinets from Studio Dewi van de Klomp rethink the typical bookshelf or cabinet by constructing them out of foam rubber. Slots are cut into the dense material creating pockets of space for your dishes or books. The foam cushions itself around the object holding them in place. The more objects you place in each cabinet, the overall shape begins to change and the

Yung Wong: Winding Surface


Winner of an Avery Dennison Fashion Innovation Award and student at Nottingham Trent University, the young designer of Hong Kong research solutions and architectural possibilities able to represent the complexity and dynamism. Inspired by the architecture of Zaha Hadid, the design of Yung Wong disturbs the stillness of the surfaces with winding asymmetry and geometric mosaics that evoke the vector graphics and disarticulate fading on

Phoebe Collings-James: Choke On Your Tongue


English artist Phoebe Collings-James is known for her punchy often confrontational art, working across painting, sculpture and video she presents for the first time her new body of ceramic work.

Choke On Your Tongue is a compelling climax to the artist’s summer in Italy, taking part in Nuove//Residency, a program dedicated to the teaching of ceramic to young international artists.

Filling the residencies cavernous show

We Make Carpets: Kneeling


It’s not hard to imagine what Dutch design trio We Make Carpets, makes. True to their name, Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten and Bob Waardenburg create carpets, but not they kind you’re thinking of. Mixing traditional pattern making with a critical view of consumer society, the group creates unusual carpets using everything from crayons and fireworks to cocktail umbrellas, plastic forks and dried pasta.

Bompas & Parr: Hypnotic Shop


HYBrowns Focus, London Fashion Week, February 2011 The Hypnotic Shop used hypnotic techniques to touch peoples subconscious and make them buy. The installation was developed in association with hypnosis experts, academics and psychologists. It used hypnotic visuals, cleaning products spiked with TasteTechs micro-encapsulated aromas and powerful subliminal messaging to influence customers purchasing pattern. Hypnotic Shop operated as an experiment in which customers were the unwilling

Bompass & Parr: Simphony in Blue


SYMPHONY IN BLUE: THE FLAVOUR CONDUCTOR – LONDON, SEPTEMBER 2014 The latest neuro-scientific knowledge combines with the craft of church organ-building in a pioneering multi-sensory installation that reinvents whisky appreciation Sam Bompas and Harry Parr curated a team of artists, designers, organ specialists, composers and experts in theatrical production, to produce a one-of-a-kind musical instrument: a magnificent church organ built according to centuries of tradition

Bompas & Parr: Light Food


LEICESTER SQUARE, LONDON, JULY 2013 The world’s first glow in the dark Cornetto’s created for a film premiere of The End of the World. The talented duo of designer Bompass and Parr created a fluo cinema-based snack impregnating the ice cream glow with riboflavin (vitamin B2) wich luminesces under certain wavelengths of light. UV light helped in illuminating the ice cream without disturbing the view

Yiqing Yin: Back to my body


“Yiqing Yin studied at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs, Immigrating from China at age 4, tossed between countries, her clothes have often provided her with a point of reference: “Returning to my clothes, was like living once more within my body and my emotions; I was at home.” Her aim has been to create a garment that protects and reinforces, being at the same