Stefano Russo: Investigating Matter


A photographic and video project, created during two years of research and experiments, registering more than 100 different scenes and the shooting of many different subjects, during several journeys around the world. The aim is to investigate what’s beyond the surface and find the point, the gap, the door, in order to access the hidden and invisible levels. “Investigating Matter” is an analysis of the

Stefano Russo: Homo Mechanicus


“To a child who is fond of maps and engravings, the universe is the size of his immense hunger. Ah! How vast is the world in the light of a lamp! In memory’s eyes how small the world is!” Charles Baudelaire

The vaguely Bohemian beauty of objects and bagagges, the powerful horizontality of data and repertoires, the immense emptiness that images create around them filling

Stefano Russo: Riflessi d’interno


Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc which may have similar characteristics, but may differ depending on the percentage of each metal present. Used since remote times, it is implemented in various applications, in all mechanics regarding both hydraulic and electrical systems, musical instruments, numerous common use objects, but also for the production of jewellery for its golden colour and due to its