Kendell Geers: Ritual Resist


A man and a woman engaged in the martial art of vanity. Neither can see the other and both struggle against their own reflection in a square mirror. The square is the symbol of all things in balance, the 4 elements, the 4 directions and 4 corners of the Earth, the 4 evangelists, 4 seasons and 4 noble truths. The instructions are simple, to keep

Kendell Geers: Ligne de Fuite 9025

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The San Bushmen, the original nomadic peoples of Southern Africa believed in the concept of “Thinking Strings,” ropes of consciousness that linked them with the divine. They believed that under trance it was possible for the shaman to ascend to the heavens upon these ropes like the Biblical account of Jacob’s ladder. On the 24 February 1969 Johnny Cash “Walked the Line” for his love