Angela Deane: Gost Photographs

You do not know, or pretend not to know, but we are all ghosts in someone’s mind. Beings who lose slowly their physical characteristics due to the memory that lets go, become a bit evanescent and a bit whitish, flying among our thoughts, we ambush in the night, and sometimes we strike terror.
Angela Deane has created a photographic project on this fairy truth a bit ‘naive and a bit’ thoughtful. She played with souvenir pictures switched between one’s hands, and considering how over time they represent a past so distant as to seem not really lived, covered with white paint  faces and bodies of the subjects creating a world where ghosts go on vacation, at the beach, celebrating birthdays and buy cars.

“My work explores the beautiful, painful, and ultimately baffling human condition to have memories. What are they? We can save it as experience? They are individual or collective? How important is what is happening than what has already happened?
If we may even pass through walls, this is not so bad. Through this body of work,
I engage with mostly found photographs. Already, these objects have a history unknown to me and speak of another’s memory, removed in both time and space. In these photographs, I cover the people with paint, subtracting the specific identity of each person and transforming them into anonymous ghosts for the viewer to project upon. In this way, a private and specific experience becomes an open and shared one through the material addition of paint on photograph. Through this haunting of the material, the ghosts become us and we become the ghosts.

We become the ghosts of our everyday.”

AUTHOR: Elena Fortunati