Ren Hang: The Art of Taboo


‘I don’t really view my work as taboo, because I don’t think so much in cultural context, or political context. I don’t intentionally push boundaries, I just do what I do.’ Born in jilin province in 1987, Hang was best know for his images of chinese youth, often naked and arranged in strange and surreal compositions. Poet and photographer, the artist combined urban and

Makoto Azuma: Arte Viva


The Japanese artist Makoto Azuma is known to have created a new artistic genre in which plants and plant uses to compose his work getting results undoubtedly original. As a real contrast to the so-called “dead art,” he has decided to give a new name to these floral representations: “living art.” After creating several projects that have set out in detail on its website,

Benjamin Shine: transparent portraits


Benjamin Shine studied fashion design at The Surrey Institute of Art and Design and Central St Martins in London. In 2003 he set up his creative studio, where materials, techniques and constructional ideas continue to inform his diverse portfolio and multidisciplinary approach.Benjamin’s work has attracted a range of clients encompassing fashion labels, product and interior manufacturers, international Arts and Design institutions such as The Crafts