Enric Majoral: The Lord of the Rings


Enric Majoral was born in 1949 in Sabadell (Barcelona). In 1972 he settled in Formentera, where he still lives and works most of the year. In its formation converge the setting inherited from the artisan father, the frequency of the Industrial Escola d’Art i Oficis of Sabadell, where he experimented different craft techniques, such as hand weaving and woodwork, and architectural firms. In 1974 in

Madaew: Thai Fashionista


Apichet “Madaew” Atilattana is an Internet sensation at 16 – and not for singing wicked cover versions of Justin Bieber. He designs and models dresses that he cobbles together out of the most unusual materials, like mosquito netting, clothes hangers, cooking utensils, bicycle tyres and even various forms of plant life. Amassing more than 200,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram since he began uploading his

Paul Thomas Anderson: The Master

mast 4

La realtà è perduta. Lo spasmodico desiderio d’amore passionale impossibile, quale unica salvezza di un’utopica ricerca di ordine nella psiche. Freddie Quell siamo noi uomini raffigurati nella personale perdizione del nostro vizio: l’istintivo desiderio carnale, nell’abbandonarsi a se stessi, una sotto forma di castrazione dal reale alienante che nutre quel desiderio di abuso catalizzato da un tormento perenne. Il protagonista di The Master interpretato da