Julie Cockburn: Flowers as people

141230 Julie Cockburn 8 (600x800)

“In a waiting room, one is, by definition, waiting, away from the hustle of everyday life. We are temporarily on hold, together but separate.” Drawing parallels between the mutually quiet and contemplative spaces of the gallery and the waiting room, Julie Cockburn has turned her attention to the unspoken human interactions that occur in such places. Likening contact between strangers to an ‘un- choreographed dance,’

Photographer Hal: Vacuum Love


Tokyo-based artist photographer hal has created the ‘flesh love’ series. his body of work explores the concept of worldly love through couples. in ‘flesh love’, hal pulls the lovers so near to one another that they transform into a single being– a vacuum-sealed pack of love. the artist wraps blankets the models with a plastic sheet in which he removes the air from to bond